Summer 2016

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Winter 2014

                                                                                        Winter 2014

November was a great month for inshore fishing as usual.  It seems winter came a little earlier this year though and the water temperature is already well below 60 degrees.   I am still catching a few trout but have been focusing most of my time on the schools redfish moving to the shallow mud flats.  As these fish move to the shallow, warmer water for the winter they provide a unique opportunity to sight cast to large groups of fish.  Depending on the day, live or cut bait as well as artificial lures will all work. This is also a great time to try and hook up with a red on a fly if your interested in fly fishing. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Fall 2014

                                                                                           Fall 2014

Fall is the best time of year to fish in the Lowcountry!

Summer 2014

                                                                                                    Summer 2014

The creeks are full of bait and the water temperature is steady in the mid 80's.  We have been catching Redfish next to structure that is close to deeper water as well as in the shade under floating docks. They are also actively eating in the grass during flood tides.  My routine has been to fish for Trout when the current is moving and the tide level is at mid tide or higher.  Floats, live bait and artificials are all producing. 

Late May 2014

                                                                                Late May, 2014

Overall the fishing on the Wando is good and should get more consistent as we move into summer.  The water temperature is in the mid to upper 70's and the bait is beginning to show up in the creeks in more numbers.  With the exception of some windy spring days, the weather is nice.

Sea Trout fishing is good.  Spring and early summer are a great time to cast topwater lures at dusk and dawn.  I like the Spook  Jr.  Soft plastics, suspending lures and live bait are all good choices during the day.

The Redfish bite is strong.  They will be found during low to mid tide around riprap, oyster banks and pilings.  Live bait or most any ZMAN soft plastic will work.  The Reds are also moving to the grass during the flood tides.  Artificial lures on spinning gear as well as fly fishing are fun ways to target Reds in less than a foot of water

Spring 2014

                                                                                   Spring 2014, FINALLY!

What has been one of the craziest winters since i have been in Charleston is finally relenting and spring is in the air. The water temperature is still in the mid 50's, but will be jumping up soon and along with it will come the spring trout and flounder bite.  Redfish schools are beginning to break up as they move off the flats in search of food and it wont be long until they are tailing in the grass...probably by the next flood tide.  Spring is the beginning of consistently good fishing in the low country with many different ways to target fish.  

A few recent pics...